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Jk, not starting a new farm at all, actually. Found out about The Shrine of Illusions, located in the Wizard's basement! You can change your name, appearance, etc. there! So I'm still Betsy on Lowbelly Farm!

The other reason I'd wanted to start over, is that my crops are laid out really stupidly, like I just was not thinking when I laid them down! But I'm going to fix that when Winter comes (I'm on Fall 22, year 4 right now)!


Brainstorming some names for my new Stardew Valley farm... The old save file (of which I'm on year 4), was called Lowbelly Farm, after Gumby's dog in Gumby: The Movie. I went on to name my chickens and cows after other Gumby characters: Pokey, Prickle, Goo, Minga, etc. I especially love the name Lowbelly, but I've decided to go ahead and move on!

I honestly couldn't think of any names on my own, so I used this Farm Name Generator for some ideas!

At the moment, I'm leaning toward Okey Dokey Farm or Okey Doke Farm, it makes me think of my mom. :o) I also kind of like Droopy Frog Farm, but I don't know... Nothing lives up to Lowbelly! I'm open to suggestions too!


I decided to start a new save file for Stardew Valley! Updates soon. Maybe I'll make a page just for Stardew stuff? We'll see how far down the rabbit hole I get, hehe.


I started up Stardew Valley on my Switch today! First time I've played in many months! I sort of regret marring boring old Penny, but what can I do? Divorce costs 50,000g! Guess I'm stuck with her. LOL


I changed my URL like a million times... and I finally landed on "Sweat Loaf," after the Butthole Surfers tune (a play on Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf"). I thought it was so cool and funny when I changed it early this morning, but now I'm not so sure! Haha! Oh, well! I'm going to stick with it since I've already updated all my fanlistings and shit.




Feeling good about coming back to my Neocities site.


It's stopped snowing now, but it was going hard for a good long time! It really was cool! Snow in April, haha...

I'm currently about halfway through Flea's autobiography, Acid for the Children, and it's really good! Maybe I'll do a review when I'm done, but probably not because I suck at that.


I really thought it would be fun to have my own website, but it's quite challenging. I'm not very creative. I'm also finding it difficult to be satisfied with its design!

It's supposed to snow tomorrow!! I really hope it does!